About time

I am writing this post and realizing how quick time is flying. It’s only been 2 months since I left Ukraine and came back to Huddersfield to finish my last year at uni. It is really weird I am in my final year now and next summer I will get Bachelor degree in Photography, I’ve just been a first year student! And now I am writing dissertation and working on my major project, both based on Dutch 17th century still life, and enjoying last year at university. Can’t believe next September I am not a student anymore and will … was going to write: will live alone, work and face adulthood problems, but that’s what I am already doing! haha 

My life has changed significantly for the past month. Now I am always busy, don’t have too many time for fun, doing gym + kizomba and salsa classes which I’ve always dreamed of learning to dance, it’s exciting! And it is 2 months since I stopped eating meat!!! I feel so great! 

Everything happened to me recently made me only stronger! I am completely different person now and I am happy! So I wish everyone, who is going through something that’s causing you so much pain, to arm oneself with patience and do your best to overcome it whatever it is! And remember, “all good things are worth waiting for and worth fighting for!” (Banksy)

Do good deeds and expect nothing in return. That’s a true way to happiness. 

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