Unfortunately, the third of December started not as well as I planned. The day before, I finally decided to develop my film which I shot in 2014. Today (4th of December) I collected photos. I was told that there was nothing on it, and only few photos came out. I think it is one of the worst news photographer may receive. Nostalgically looking at  photos I realized i shouldn’t regret about the past, and it is time to forget and start a new chapter in my life. SO! I bought 5 rolls of Kodak Portra to take them to the HOT country I am going to visit on Xmas holidays. I am not going to say where exactly yet, so it keeps you intrigued ;-)

Here is one of the developed photos, I scanned them only today (6th of December). It was a beautiful day.

By the way, I went to the 20th anniversary of Placebo band playing in Manchester, it was amazing!

And, as always few advices from Alina: stay busy, inspired and kind.

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