Back to work!

Hello everyone! 
I am back to the United Kingdom, the country, where I am extremely concentrated on my work and career. It is my second home now and I am happy to be back. 

This week was very productive in terms of getting inspired and planning future shoots. I am going to do three shoots this week, 2 outdoor and 1 in the studio. In addition, there are many interesting guest lectures going to take place in uni tomorrow and on Tuesday. Second semester was started with a very motivational talk by our tutors, Liam Devlin and Richard Mulhearn, made me think a lot about my future career and plan shoots. “If you are not shooting, you should be editing. If you are not editing, you shoud be planning the shoot. If you are not planning, you should be shooting”. :)

By the way, I went to Leeds with my best friend yesterday, we developed few rolls of film (35 mm and 120 mm) in the place called Dragons Photos. We were very satisfied with a quality of the scanner and customer service in general. Many thanks to Silvana, who recommended this lab to me. 

Here are few of my favourite film photos I developed and edited: 

In my next posts I am going to tell you a story about my trip to Leicester. I was shooting the professor in a bioanalytical chemistry for a very interesing article by online magazine “The Ukrainians”.
Also, I will show you more film photos.  

Have a productive week. Think positive :) 

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