Shoot for “The Ukrainians”

It was the end of the last year, December 2016, I was nearly done with my dissertation, and research and development. I did not expect to do any work or shoots at that time, I was waiting for the xmass holidays. Could not wait to go home, back to Ukraine, to see my family. But once, at the night time, my phone rang, it was my best friend. He said that I can do a super interesting shoot of the Ukrainian professor for online magazine “The Ukrainians” ( ). It was a great news for me, and I said I want to do it. Soon I contacted professor, arranged a shoot and went to the University of Leicester to photograph him. His name is Professor Sergiy Piletsky, and he is a leading expert on Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) and biosensors and is a Professor of Bioanalytical Chemistry at University of Leicester and Head of Leicester Biotechnology Group. He is very kind person. He made a cup of coffee for me, gave me a laboratory coat and we went to his lab. Everything was so interesting for me! 

Professor develops nanoparticles that will contact with cancer cells, and those can be seen. 

“One of our projects is deceleration of aging. This is aninevitable process. People get older through many factors. We worked out matrix polymers that contact with old particles and will liquidate them in an organism” - says professor.  “Now, the technology worked out by a group of professor Piletsky prolongs life of experimental mise on 30%, and it is only beginning” (The Ukrainians, 2016).

Professor Piletsky is convinced that if the same experiment will be succeeded to conduct in public, we will be able to live at least 100!

Me in a lab coat holding 120 mm Mamiya camera near professor’s invention. 

I took photos of professor using both film and digital cameras. Below I’ve attached images I developed from film. 

It was a pleasure working with professor Piletsky, and “The Ukrainians” team as well! 

A big thanks to my friend Taras who put me in touch with these people! It was one of the most exciting shoots in my life!


The Ukrainians. (2016). Sergiy Piletsky - researcher who knows, how to postpone death. Retrieved from

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