More film

Hi everyone! 

I continue shooting film, I found it very interesting and intriguing, as I can’t see my images until I go to the lab in Leeds to develop it. Today I went there to process film I brought from Ukraine. My younger brother and me were in the heart of Ukraine, beautiful city Kyiv I am moving to soon. We went to the ‘Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy’ place, there was an ice rink with no roof above it. It was completely different to the one with roof, amazing feelings. I took my Zenit ET with us, and took photos of my brother while he was skiing. Also, I taught him how to use film camera, how to focus and wind up. He found it interesting and took photos of me. Here are few images by both of us (not edited yet):

I also left my 120 mm Fujichrome Velvia 100 film in the lab. They couldn’t develop it the same day, as E-6 film processed in a different way than C-41, so I will have to wait until Tuesday, and then will show you the result. Images has to be in a superb quality, it is color saturated day-light film, suitable for fashion and nature type of photography. I am really excited to see the result. By the way, it is going to be my second roll of medium format film, and I shoot with this camera:

Wait for the next post, and enjoy the rest of the week :) 

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