Royal visit

It was 24th of January, I had to be in two places at the same time: in the Sowerby Bridge and in the university on the guest lecture regarding Format Photo Festival, where I am going to work as volunteer. So I had to prioritise. I was asked to do a shoot of Royal visit by HRH Princess Anne in Sowerby Bridge. Princess was there on the Yorkshire Dama Cheese opening event. One of the alumni student’s sister is a founder of a company, and makes cheese herself, it is a family business. It was a private event, there were about 30 people. I was a bit shy at the beginning, was wandering around, trying to decide on the best position when Princess arrives. Then I have started to do reportage photographs of guests. They saw me photographing them, and then started to ask me to take photos of groups of people. There were two other photographers. These event seemed to be an ordinary thing for them, but not for me. I was happy to be there and I considered it an honour.  Guests started talking to me and I got their trust. They felt more comfortable to ask me to do a photo for them, and I felt myself being a part of this event. 

When Princess arrived, Razan Alsous, the founder of Yorkshire Dama Cheese, started her talk and presentation about the company for Princess Anne and guests. It was interesting. As Razan originally is from Syria, ancient city of Damascus, she named her company in honor of her motherland (Dama). I was listening and taking photos. The room was small, but I managed to get the best position to take photographs of Princess. I took about 400 photos, and edited about 60 of them. I always take many photos on the important event so I have a bigger choice. I had speedlight, D810, and my film camera Zenit ET.

It was amazing event for me. I am very thankful to university for giving this opportunity for me, Alan Tobi and John Ramsdin in particular. 

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