Colour and Books workshop

Amazing talk by Sebastiaan Hanekroot took place in our University of Huddersfield for photography students on 20th of February. Sebastiaan came from Holland to give us a workshop. It was a unique opportunity and I am so glad I had a chance to learn from him. He is an expert in his field. Sebastiaan has a unique understanding of colour, paper, printing and binding. He is making sure the color looks exactly as a client wishes it to look. He knows everything about printing, designing, binding and publishing books. This workshop was invaluable. Here is his website

Sebastiaan asked us to come prepared, with an image shot using natural light only. We did print tests after he helped us with color edit and looked at before and after prints. His method of working was new for me, and I enjoyed learning new things from the expert.  Here is an image I brought with myself: 

Sebastiaan brought books he was working on with his clients from Holland to show us. I found one that really attracted my attention. It was about my country. My eye always catches everything I find familiar with Ukraine. The book was by French photographer Émeric Lhuisset about Maydan, the main square in the centre of Kiev. Here is more information about the project

Left photo by Émeric Lhuisset

Group of mixed years students discussing the result of before and after prints.

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