Photomob 2017, Kyiv

On the 12th of March, I visited Photomob
professional meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine. Over 15 guest speakers were talking
about their practices and working with a client. Most of them are commercial
photographers with excellent skills. 

I really enjoyed a talk by Dasha Pavlova, wedding and family photographer. She
talked about how to build a good relationship with a client and shared her

Another good thing I want to point out was exhibition
of products. Cameras, Wacom, drones, books, designer memory sticks, business
cards, boxes for photographs…and
all of these in one place. I met a person who did wooden memory sticks for me
last summer, it was great to talk to Igor from CraftBox in person. 

Additionally, at this exhibition I found a print space
I am going to print photograph for exhibition.

Overall, I really enjoyed the whole day (from 10 am
till 18 pm!) and was very inspired after. In the future, I will visit this
event again. 

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