E-6 chemicals 120 mm film


I was really excited to see photographs I shoot on
Mamiya with 120 mm Fujichrome Velvia 100 film, I left it in the lab in Leeds
for a week to be processed as it was E6 chemicals…and it didn’t work. I was
really frustrated as photographs should have been really cool, but they just
washed from film, I don’t know why, I received blank film with few bright
photographs on it. Anyway, I want to try in once again.

However, as I am always happy to try new film, I
bought Ectar 100 and was satisfied with the result! Here it is: 

Me and my friend went to Beaumont park
in Huddersfield. It was our first time there and I should say that it is a
wonderful place! I recommend to all my followers who live in Huddersfield to
visit it. And of course, take your film camera with you. By the way, my friend
is running website and blog about film, and if you subscribe you receive a box
with different film rolls for you to try. Here is a website CoolFilm.

Have a good week, and thank you for reading!

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