Volunteering at Format Photography Festival 2017

Last week, on the 23rd of March was a launch of Format Photography Festival in Derby. 2 years ago I visited it as a first year student, and I loved it. This year I felt myself as a part of festival, as I was volunteering. I photographed Portfolio Review day on 25th of March and had a chance to look at work of photographers, talk to them and make good contacts. I met amazing people and looked at their fantastic work! 

Here are some images I took while photographers were reviewed: 

After that I went in town to see other venues. I was absolutely in love with a place called Pearson (number 6 on the map). 

I looked at many good work and took pictures of what was going on around.

Then, I came back to the Portfolio Review venue and took photos of photographers presenting their portfolios to the audience. Everyone was very excited and had a good time. 

It was a pleasure for me to be at Format, surrounded by friendly and creative people, and would love to thank Andrew Moseley for giving me this chance to help and participate! 

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And here is a website http://www.formatfestival.com/

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