Danny Treacy Talk

Couple of months ago we had a guest-lecture at our university for Photography students by Danny Treacy

He told us about his practice and about each of his three projects: ‘Them’, ‘Those’ and ‘Grey Area’. My most favourite one is ‘Grey Area’. Danny said that he was painting places grey with paintbrush and roll and photographed them after. He tried spray as well. Access to these places were not always available Photos look like negative, and are alike film. Here are some photographs:

For his project called ‘Them’ Danny sets his camera and tripod in the abandoned spaces, flats and puts on him the clothing that he gathered from different spaces. He is using large format camera and takes photos that look very forensic at the end, like a scan. In the ‘Those’ project Danny Treacy is referencing natural world, woodland and takes photos of pieces of found old clothing that is covered by plants.

After the group tutorial I had a one to one tutorial with Danny and he looked at my Final Major Project. He gave me very good advices about how to improve it and which direction to move. Thank you Danny!

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