The plan failed

Good afternoon,

I am very frustrated about the situation happened few days ago. I had to come to capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, on 19th of April to visit master class by Marat Safin. He is the first photographer I discovered when decided to do photography and his photographs were and are my source of inspiration, as they look so alive and the colors are amazing. I bought myself a ticket to Kyiv and found an apartment to stay in, but unfortunately I was told that master class is cancelled due to ban on entry into the country for Marat. He was traveling to Ukraine from Russia, and the border service made him return back to Russia. Here is some photographs by Marat: 

I decided to come to Kyiv anyway, as everything was booked. I met my friends and had an amazing time, enjoying sunshine in a capital, while it was snowing in my home town on the south. Additionally, I brought my Zenit film camera with me and put a Portra 400 roll inside, took photos of canals and old-fashioned small manufacture town outside of Kyiv. 

Sometimes our plans fail and we should keep going anyway.

Thank you for reading!

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