Wedding photographs design

Hello beautiful people!

Hope you all had amazing day today, it is 1st of May, international workers’ day, congratulations to all of us, hardworking people :) Normally in my home country, Ukraine, on this holiday people are going to the forest with friends and family to orginase picnic, make shashlyck (kebab), play games like football or badminton and have fun. It is so amazing, makes my heart warm when I am thinking and writing about it.

Today I would like to show you the result of my hard work. It is a desing of my wedding photographs I did in Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine (both wedding and prints). This is what my clients receive from me, or a beautiful bounded book. I print photographs, carefully put them in a book (color of your choice) and a wooden memory stick with my logo on it with all digital photographs. I am very pleased with a result, it is so satisfying to touch it, open and look through photographs of the amazing day.  

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this post and you are motivated to do this world better and create beautiful things :)

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